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Bodyache by CanisAlbus Bodyache :iconcanisalbus:CanisAlbus 1,203 19 A night I've been painting all night... by BlueCaroline A night I've been painting all night... :iconbluecaroline:BlueCaroline 842 88 +Fading+ by larienne +Fading+ :iconlarienne:larienne 2,409 87 Tanwakom by Culpeo-Fox Tanwakom :iconculpeo-fox:Culpeo-Fox 477 10 Abrakadabra by Culpeo-Fox Abrakadabra :iconculpeo-fox:Culpeo-Fox 2,833 309 Daughter of owls by CoalRye Daughter of owls :iconcoalrye:CoalRye 1,223 124 End by Culpeo-Fox End :iconculpeo-fox:Culpeo-Fox 2,358 53 fishwhole by MukilteoCasualtie fishwhole :iconmukilteocasualtie:MukilteoCasualtie 921 142 6 AM by CanisAlbus 6 AM :iconcanisalbus:CanisAlbus 1,268 54 If You Get Lost by CanisAlbus If You Get Lost :iconcanisalbus:CanisAlbus 1,058 53 Luxation by CanisAlbus Luxation :iconcanisalbus:CanisAlbus 795 44 Spread The Fire by CanisAlbus Spread The Fire :iconcanisalbus:CanisAlbus 2,979 52 Lethargy by CanisAlbus Lethargy :iconcanisalbus:CanisAlbus 1,739 48 Suffocate by CanisAlbus Suffocate :iconcanisalbus:CanisAlbus 3,665 133 Sphinx's Tea by sandara Sphinx's Tea :iconsandara:sandara 4,032 136 sorridi. by agnes-cecile sorridi. :iconagnes-cecile:agnes-cecile 1,367 48


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Michael Squier
United States
"Quo non Ascendam". To what height can we not ascend. That single quote shaped my early adult life. I was hired into a small Italian restaurant owned by a stereotypical Italian Chef doing dishes. This was my first job, and I worked hard with a great sense of pride. Within a year I was running the kitchen. Within two years I had taken over for the Chef and was in charge of an entire kitchen staff. I only offer this anecdote as proof that we all possess greatness, yet, coincidentally it is only those who embrace and utilize our limitless potential that are truly extraordinary.

I've applied this thought to my art, as well, and that has allowed me to become an accomplished musician, singer and songwriter. I would like to meet people who share this idea. This idea that true art comes from a place of enjoyment.

That reminds me of another quote that really resonates with me. "Don't only practice your art, but force your way into it's secrets. For it and knowledge can raise men to the divine". To me this means a few things things. I feel it's a way of saying that only with time, can greatness be achieved.

With that being said, let's slow down, let's enjoy the small things and work our way up. If we do that then, "Quo non Ascendam", am I right?


I mean it. I was drawn here by a random set of circumstances involving art theft and video games. Come to find out, dA is an amazing community of truly and insanely talented and endlessly creative people.  The people I've met so far have been so nice, and have welcomed me with open arms. I think I'll stay a while.
As many of you know, the new R-Rated Seth Rogen animated film, "Sausage Party" was just released in theaters. The good news is that it seems the United States is finally ready for Adult Oriented Animated Film, but the bad news is that America has a long way to go before said animators actually get the credit, recognition, and salary they deserve. According to multiple sources, the working conditions for the animators during the production of the film were horrendous. The management often forced the small team of animators to work long hours of overtime without pay, often threatening those who wouldn't with termination, saying they would just recruit people who would work overtime for free. The accusations are pretty terrible, I've linked some of the source material below, read at your own discretion. It really upsets me that this is the case with most animated films.. Especially considering 90% of the work is done by the animation team. Things need to change, and fast.

I mean it. I was drawn here by a random set of circumstances involving art theft and video games. Come to find out, dA is an amazing community of truly and insanely talented and endlessly creative people.  The people I've met so far have been so nice, and have welcomed me with open arms. I think I'll stay a while.


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Welcome to deviantART, Michael!

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Welcome to Deviant Art! Here's a llama to get started with

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Here are two articles I find really handy for newcomers:
A Guide To Connecting And Sharing On DAWhat's this all about?
DeviantArt is a HUGE website and it's easy to feel invisible, especially if you're new. The aim of this guide is to help you start connecting with other artists and their work as well as sharing your own art and encouraging feedback and interaction. It would be impossible to cover absolutely everything in one journal, so consider it a starting point and get ready to go exploring! I've included a few helpful links under each section, so you can use these as springboards to help you bounce around and find out more.
:bulletred: Check out welcome for an introduction to DA
:bulletred: Introduce yourself in the Welcome Center forum

Get in the right mindset
The first thing to do is stop thinking simply in terms of what you want to get. DA, like a lot of places on the web, is a social experience. I
Getting Started on DeviantArtHello and welcome! :wave:
If you've found this guide, then there's a good possibility you are new to DeviantArt. If that is the case, then welcome to the internet's largest art community! If you're not new to the community, you might still be interested (especially if you scroll to the bottom). Over at DAWelcomeWagon, we're thrilled that you decided to become a member. The group page has many wonderful resources for you to take advantage of. There is even an associated chat room called :#welcome: for you to hang out in and meet some deviants ("deviants" are what we call DA's members) both new and old.
We don't want you to feel too confused while you're getting to know the website and community. It's a big place with countless ways to share your deviations (your creations) and find artwork to inspire you. So we put together this helpful Getting Started on DeviantArt guide to connect you will a number of helpful tutorials that will as

I hope you find them helpful as well :eager:
Have a great day and enjoy your stay :DALove: by Ikue
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Hello there! and welcome to dA! Wiggly text - Welcome 
I'm just another deviant who has been around for a bit over a year on another account!

DeviantART is a wonderful place to share your artwork through photography, drawings, literature, and more! With my experience, I can tell you that deviantART is an easy to access and a fun way to share your art! :)

If you have any questions feel free to ask me or check out DAWelcomeWagon , a group made to welcome and help new members!
I hope you enjoy your time on deviantART and stay for a while! :) (Smile)
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